Global Warming Debacle

I am skeptical about global warming and the garbage coming from all sides of the issue.

Prior predictions at world-wide environmental problems have often been hokey, incomplete, grossly overstated, or sometimes just wrong. Take global cooling from the ‘70s (wrong), acid rain from the ‘80s (grossly overstated), ozone depletion from the ‘90s (where are the disastrous effects?), and so on.

Now the “big bad evil environmental problem” is global warming.

You’ve got a lot of hysteria, from a recent study presented at a conference called by Tony Blair to another recent study that had more politicians than scientists.

Then you’ve got the fact that nobody knows what’s really going on. As a case in point, see the multiple predictions pictured at right. They are from the 2001 IPCC Third Assessment Report – Climate Change. If we knew enough about the climate to accurately predict temperatures 100 years from now, shouldn’t we have astoundingly accurate day-to-day weather forecasts? I’m still waiting.

Then you have the fact that global temperatures have been rising naturally since the 1700s, so a portion, even possibly the majority, of currently-observed warming trends are not man-made.

Then you have professional global warming skeptics like Sallie Baliunas. Sometimes they give reasonable critiques of global warming promoters, but they are often dishonest and biased. (Unsurprisingly, many are funded by the oil industry, which would be severely hurt if carbon cuts were put into place.)

Then you have the fact that humans are highly adaptable and the world’s ecosystem is adaptable. Whatever land we could lose to desertification and so on, new croplands will open up as formerly unusable land that was frozen over clears up. Certain marginal species will go under, but other species will thrive.

Then you have the fact that socialists and communists are salivating at the idea of emissions controls. Every economically productive human activity produces emissions, so global warming controls are a back door way to allow governmental control of our entire lives. That’s why these controls often reek of covert Marxist plots.

Then you have the fact that the most popular carbon control method, the Kyoto Protocol, will badly hurt developed economies. Taxes on or rationing of carbon-producing activities, mainly transportation, will have to skyrocket, and your quality of life will plummet. Forget about your ability to travel cheaply! Forget about detached single family homes! Forget about commuting from outlying suburbs! Forget about being able to afford to live in the country!

Kyoto , however, allows “developing” countries like China and India , the two most populous countries in the world, to increase carbon emissions unfettered. Some projections show that China’s probable increase in the number of coal powered plants will more than wipe out any Kyoto-based carbon reductions.

My fear is not temperature change or its effect on nature. My fear is the changes in my lifestyle and a reduced quality of life that will be forced down my throat by governments.

This whole global warming boondoggle is confusing, paradoxical, frightening, and involves many wrong-headed motivations from all ends of the spectrum. It’s often difficult to figure out which side to take.

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