Debunking my City Councilman

I like my city councilman, Sheffie Kadane. He’s done a good job for my district, and he has been responsive to my neighborhood’s requests.

But his staff screwed up. Last Friday, they sent an obvious mail hoax to all District 9 community leaders, falsely alleging that a local TV station reported on a North Park Mall carjacking scheme.

I was the first to tell him it’s a hoax. His staff didn’t budge.

Amidst their refusal to retract and increasingly bizarre justifications, I tipped off Allen Gwinn, publisher of That resulted in this article: Council Member’s Carjacking Email Debunked.

Responsible government should never mislead constituents. Attention to issues is already scarce; it’s terrible to waste it on a confirmed hoax!

I have no problem retracting misstatements. Nothing less is acceptable from a public leader.

Why was that so hard for Sheffie’s office? Does pride trump the truth?

Update: it’s hitting the Dallas blogosphrere:

All they had to do is retract it!

2 thoughts on “Debunking my City Councilman”

  1. Apparently Kidcratic on 106 fm just talked about this on his morning show. This is all very funny. I’m guessing a retraction will be coming shortly.

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