My abortion position

I am a Republican. I am pro-life. I believe that every abortion is a tragedy. High abortion rates speaks poorly on how society values fragile lives.

I believe abortions should never substitute for effective birth control, and I support banning those abortions. I respect individual privacy, but human life is sacrosanct. Stopping life is not a casual matter.

That’s my limit; I support no further restrictions. That means I would not seek to prevent abortions that:

  • Protect the mother from serious medical risk or death.
  • Terminate pregnancies from non-consensual sex.
  • Terminate pregnancies with fetuses with conditions incompatible with life.

You may ask, “So do you want all these people to have abortions?” If the pregnancy endangers the mother’s life and abortion can help, yes, save the mom. If the fetus cannot possibly survive, there’s no life to be preserved, so the mom should have the right to avoid pregnancy’s risks and costs if she chooses.

The nonconsensual sex part is tough. In an earlier post, I commented on the perception of men telling women what to do with their bodies. I hope and pray rape victims will keep their babies, but I don’t wish to force societal or collective judgment on rape victims. Rape-induced pregnancy introduces too many moral traps to have a decisive argument.

Abortion is a tragedy,  but I see no rational case for a total abortion ban.

One thought on “My abortion position”

  1. I pretty much agree with you except for the non-consensual. While it must necessarily envelop a terrible progenesis, I have met women who kept their children from rape. One of these women called her child an angel, becasue there was no father to speak of in her mind. They both loved their child, very, very much. And there is always adoption which is the right thing to do in so many, many circumstances.

    It is also interesting to me to be around so many women who are pregnant out of wedlock. Rather than refer to what is growing inside of them as a fetus, they universally refer to it as their unborn child. They have no interest in the abortion wars and want to do the utmost to protect and nurture and provide for their child whom they have not yet seen. So many prayer concerns come across my desk asking for God’s favor and blessing upon their unborn child.

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