Geolocating Carter Banks’s urbex of a funeral home

UPDATE (2023-03-20): I identified the wrong closed funeral home. But a clue pointed to the correct one. See the comments below the article.

In this video, Carter Banks (BigBankz) does a walk through of an abandoned funeral home:

Video of an abandoned funeral home.

I came across this video when searching on Cadillac hearses. This video was referenced in a forum.

A cremains box gave it away:

Screen capture of cremains box. (This image used under fair use doctrine.)

Aha, Trezevant Crematorium! A brief Google search confirms it is at 5716 Koon Rd. Columbia, SC 29203-6213.

Trezevant closed in 2014 when its owner died. As of 2019, it looks like it was still being maintained:

Myers Mortuary & Cremation Services took over the place in 2021. The property is on South Carolina’s Historical Properties Record, possibly because it was the first black-owned funeral home in the state. It’s still owned by the Trezevant family.

The place in 2022, after it was under new management:

2 thoughts on “Geolocating Carter Banks’s urbex of a funeral home”

  1. I just found your geolocating blog posts and I find them very interesting & hope you do more, however you are wrong on this one. I couldn’t help but notice the windows and structure and lack of garage of this building you found didn’t match the video. It turns out that is just the location where the ashes came from. BigBankz wouldn’t have given a name away like that, he blurred out the important information next to it and left that to steer people in the wrong direction toward an active building. However, there’s a point in the video that lead me to the actual funeral home (still in SC), which is 51 miles from this location. I think you should give the search for this location another shot!

    1. Haha, you are right! The more I look at this, the more I realize the explored building is bigger than the place I found, plus the construction is different than an old ranch-style home.

      At 11:44 are the cremains for Evelyn S. France, and here’s her obituary:

      It points to Bythewood Funeral Home, which is at 1195 Amelia St, Orangeburg, SC 29115. substantiates some of the story, that the owner died in 2018. Here’s his obituary:

      A view out the building at one point shows a matching overhang to what is visible in Google Street View.

      Thank you for the correction!

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