Location of Wedding Present Farm

Geolocating Carter Banks’s urbex of a phony “cult” mansion

I geolocated one of Carter Banks’s (BigBankz) latest silly urbex videos. I couldn’t find clear location hints in this video. Thankfully, a video commenter gave it away.

This video is of a place called Wedding Present Farm, also known as Blackburn Mansion:

Wedding present farm, mis-sold as some cult facility.

It’s for sale!

It’s parcel 4.38 on this tax map:

Location of Wedding Present Farm
Tax map that includes Wedding Present Farm

Fitting the pattern, the “we hike deep into the woods”, “cult”, and “abandoned” are fabrications to create mystery and drama.

He admits early in the video that the cult thing is phony: his “extensive research” turned up nothing about the cult (direct reference). Also, nothing he came across in the homes would be cult-like material.

As for the hike deep into in the woods, yet more phony drama. The mansion is about 150 feet past the end of Blackburn Road!

Distance from end of the road to the mansion. What a hike! (link to map)

It’s not abandoned. It was renovated 15 years ago, the property is clearly being mowed, and he found electricity on in multiple buildings.

Remove the fabrications and the silly, mysterious tone, and you’re simply seeing a property that may be hard to sell.

Here’s some drone videos of the property from a few years ago:

Drone videos of Wedding Present Farm.

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