Geolocating Jeremy Abbott’s “explore” of an “abandoned hoarder’s house”

In this video, Jeremy Abbott (Jeremy Xplores) walks through the castoffs of a deceased, elderly lady:

Geolocating this was simple:

The decedent’s name and city were revealed at 0:53 on a peach envelope:

It didn’t take much searching to get the property address and find other information that confirmed that Jeremy’s back story on her was mostly correct. She passed away at a hospital in September 2022.

But Jeremy made one claim that I suspect is way exaggerated, that Mary had a “hoarding addiction“.

Sure, the house had more “stuff” than optimal. It’s still playing a few divisions lower than “hoarder”. If you’re living independently at 101, I can forgive you for not being focused on keeping up with all your mail.

I also see what appears like evidence that people have ransacked the house or gone through her estate to salvage what is important. This is not unlikely countless other properties. That, too, is not evidence of hoarding.

To wrap up, the true story is likely simpler: We’re seeing what was likely once a reasonable house that has been picked through in the months since the resident’s death. “Hoarder” is used as an incentive to watch a 40 minute walkthrough of worthless debris.

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