Geolocating Carter Banks’s “explore” of a “millionaire’s 1960’s dream mansion”

In this video, Carter Banks walks through a house that is about to be redeveloped:

This is just a walkthrough of a structure that the current owner–a developer–wishes to tear down.

The house is at 2 Shady Oaks Crescent in North York, Ontario, Canada:

Fitting his pattern, Carter’s story at the beginning includes large scoops of fake news. The husband was a medical doctor, not in the “hockey business”. (Carter, you’re suggesting one builds wealth from owning “several [hockey] little league teams”? Seriously? 🤣) Rather than fading with age, this couple remains active in the local community, so I won’t get into their details.

The property has a listing video from 2015:

It was listed for CA$3.5 million

The current owner is G. C. Jain Investments Ltd., initially suggested in an envelope in the kitchen:

A search on G. C. Jain Investments connects it to several real-estate ventures. The ace in the hole is the company’s appeal to the North York Committee of Adjustment, where over 30 minutes was spent discussing the company’s proposed zoning change:

The investor wishes to tear down the house and build a larger structure that requires a zoning change. The committee rejected the proposal.

The investor may have appealed this rejection, as the North York North York Community Council discussed services of solicitor (lawyer) concerning that property:

Per its listing on, the house was listed 11 times starting May 2013, finally selling on August 9, 2021 for CA$4,275,700. It appears the house became unoccupied between its August 2015 and June 2018 listings. The 2015 photos and description are of a move-in-ready home. The June 2018 photos and description indicate a home with most belongings cleared out, described as suitable for an investor. That makes sense as the husband appears to have retired in July 2016.

What’s the true story? Likely, a wealthy, retired couple simply downsized not long after 2015. They sat on the property for a few years, hoping for a great sale price. The house finally sold to an investor in 2021.

There’s no abandonment, there’s no interesting back story. It’s just an investment, part of an ordinary course of events in the life of a normal family.

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