Geolocating a house that has nothing to do with Stranger Things or with a disappearing family

In this video, Carter Banks (Bigbankz) walks through a house:

At around 9:32, he shows a desk. On the bottom right side is a NRA membership card:

It belongs to Wayne Hamer. I had to look at several frames before settling on that last name.

Let’s search obituaries on this name. Hmm, the second link refers to a guy from Clio, North Carolina. That obituary is erroneous. The town is in South Carolina.

Exploring that town, it took little time to find the house:

That was easy!

The house’s property record shows it was transferred to his daughter about two years after Wayne died. His daughter’s obituary indicates she passed in 2022. Various online records, plus that the property record indicates the home was owner-occupied, suggest she might have resided at that home until her passing. That would explain the general reasonable condition and why a good deal of recent merchandise is visible.

The walkthrough is likely what is left behind after the daughter’s life. Part of that includes artifacts she curated from her parents’ life.

Sometimes I give commentary on where Carter got things wrong. They are mainly in the title. This home has nothing to do with Stranger Things, and the family did not disappear. He also got various minor facts wrong in his narrative, but that may just be his attempt to throw us off.

The true story of this home is likely simple. With a property value of under $100,000 and in a rural area, I doubt it’s economically feasible to fix it up. The materials inside are probably because the inheritors of the daughter’s estate may be using the house for storage or they may not value the materials.

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