Email workaround

My email is fixed with a workaround, but the emails sent in the past 24-48 hours may be permanently lost.

I finally got a bounce after noon today. The bounce suggests that SBC’s email servers are refusing to communicate with my web host‘s ( SMTP server, The bounce’s message was vague, but I think it was just a 24 hour warning. Usually SMTP servers keep messages for 2-3 days before totally giving up, so if the problem can be fixed in the next 24 hours, I may receive all the queued up emails.

This problem is currently at level 3 tech support at and in the Policy Department of SBC. is having serious email delay problems, but they don’t seem to be related to my problem. Regardless, those serious email delay problems are preventing them from quickly resolving my problem. And SBC level 2 tech acknowledged that it appears that SBC may be blocking emails from But nothing is for sure yet.

I think the likely culprit is that SBC is blocking It’s just too coincidental that’s mail server is unable to communicate with two SBC servers but can still communicate with the rest of the world.

Here’s the workaround: can forward emails to up to 3 different locations. I already have a GMail account, so I am now forwarding all emails to my GMail account in addition to my account. Furthermore, I am having my GMail account in turn forward all emails back to my account. So hopefully this will allow my emails to continue populating my account as before. Then when either SBC or gets its act together, I will start getting duplicates in my account and can shut off this GMail forwarding.

Hopefully this problem will be fixed soon! I don’t want to permanently lose all those emails.

My email is down

My email is temporarily down. If you sent a message to on or after Wednesday, May 11, I may never receive it. If you really need to contact me, then you know me well enough to find other ways to talk to me.

I called my email host,, to report the problem. The first call was with a clueless level 1 tech support idiot. She “reset” my email accounts and instructed me to call back in an hour if it wasn’t fixed. (I know she didn’t do anything. She was just hoping that any system-wide problems–she was aware of no problems at the time–would go away in the next hour.) When I called back, their 877 support number is broken! All I get is a voice message and a fast busy tone.

This problem has happened before, and when it’s fixed, I get a flood of backlogged emails. Let’s hope that happens again!

Assume my email is totally down until I post back.