Texas’s Speed Zoning Procedure

For my ENCE 7392 (Urban Transportation Planning) class I made a flowchart of the current procedure used for speed zoning in Texas. This chart has three sections:

  1. A convoluted chart that shows how arbitrary and loopholed Texas’s speed zoning practice really is.
  2. A simple chart that shows a “best practice” that is free of political interference:
  3. Reality (see the feedback loop?):

Impressed with Dallas

Dallas has a web site where you can submit nonemergency requests such as animal control requests, potholes, zoning violations, etc.

About a year ago I used this site to submit a few requests. If I remember correctly, they were about graffiti, a pothole or two, and a missing street sign. I never got a response, and the missing street sign still has not been addressed.

Fast forward to early September, 2004. I reported two potholes and some signage problems (nonworking traffic signal head and badly faded signs). Amazingly, the potholes got fixed right away. And more amazingly, I got emails and calls back on almost all of my requests!

Wow, Dallas seems to be doing its job and pro-actively responding to customers! Maybe this city isn’t so bad after all.

Please don’t misread this as saying that everything is hunky dory. Dallas has some severe challenges, including a crime problem that’s out of control and an extremely tight fiscal situation with little easy revenue enhancement opportunities. But, hey, this one thing is a silver lining. Even an imperfect but responsive city government sure beats no response.

The US’s Liberal Media

If you ever needed evidence of the US media’s liberal bias, just consider CBS’s forged Texas National Guard memos. Now even the Washington Post, hardly a pusher of conservative causes, is calling these memos a fake: http://www.washingtonpost.com/ac2/wp-dyn/A18982-2004Sep13?language=printer

Dan Rather, your Michael Moore-style Bush bashing tactics blew up in your face. Give it up!