Did Forrester Research CEO George Colony really say that?

According to CMS Wire, Forrester Research Chief Executive Officer George Colony said, “within 15 years CEOs will need to know the ins and outs of new media, social network technologies and social communities before they get the job.” (emphasis mine)

15 years? I’m scratching my head. The Web 2.0 is relevant today. E.g., Facebook has over 400 million users right now. Fifteen years from now passes through several generations of new technology!

For Colony’s sake, I hope CMS Wire misquoted or he misspoke. I’ll tweet him and see what he says.

Advertisements on Massachusetts capitol building

Amazing: Massachusetts lets for-profit companies advertise on its capitol!

Up close:

The Celtics and Bruins are for-profit commercial firms owned by Wycliffe Grousbeck and Jeremy Jacobs. For-profit as in the same kind of corporate entity as Exxon, Microsoft, and Citibank.

I’d love someone to do an open records request and see how much Wycliffe and Jeremy paid Massachusetts for this. I’ll bet nothing!

This appears sleazy. But what else should I expect from the state of the Kennedy dynasty and John Kerry?

Fascinating San Fransisco streetscape video

(EDIT: Replaced first video with much better one.)

This video, shot from a San Francisco streetcar, is from 1906, just a few days before the San Francisco earthquake:

Note the huge numbers of pedestrians on the road, the dangerous interactions between various transportation modes, the lack of efficiency, and the layers of clothing.

I don’t know how many of those buildings survived the 1906 earthquake except–of course–the building at the end.

Here’s a similar scene today:

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…and this guy claims he has a video of the same area from 2005: