Text mining practicum

In addition to my graduate course, I teach the the Text Mining Practicum at SMU. It is fifteen hours, divided into five sessions. It covers R, text mining, visualizations, and the basics of data science.

These videos are not exceptionally produced. It’s great if you want to watch me teach and then make fun of me!

As I was preparing these videos, I heard myself saying “um” a lot. Yikes! I’ll work on that in the future.

Session 1: R basics and Tidy Text Format

This session covers the basics of R and chapter 1 of Text Mining with R.


7.5 minutes. You can skip this if it gets boring.

Installing R and R Studio

6 minutes. If you are able to install R and R Studio on your own, you can skip this.

The basics of R

47 minutes.

The tidy text format

70 minutes. This is the fun stuff! At the beginning, I reference an R file you need to download. Get it here.

Session 2: Sentiment Analysis

Get the file used in this video.

Session 3: Plotting

Session 4: Data Transformation

Get the file used in this video.

Session 5: Topic Modeling