Text mining practicum

The text mining practicum is fifteen hours, divided into five sessions. It covers R, text mining, visualizations, and the basics of data science.

Sessions 2-5 should be Fridays, 9 AM – 12 PM. Session 2 is planned for Friday, April 3.

If you’re coming across this, you’ve found me after I already offered session one, so you’ll need to catch up! Work through the below four videos, and then email me at aren@arencambre.com when done. I’ll give you the meeting’s Zoom link then.

IMPORTANT: I am doing this as part of my job at SMU. The campus is affected by COVID-19. While I expect to be able to continue this Practicum using Zoom meetings, there is a chance that evolving campus needs may affect my ability to teach this. I will notify you as far in advance as I can if I need to postpone or cancel.

As I was preparing these videos, I heard myself saying “um” a lot. Yikes! I’ll work on that in the future.

Video 1: Intro

7.5 minutes. You can skip this if it gets boring.

Video 2: Installing R and R Studio

6 minutes. If you are able to install R and R Studio on your own, you can skip this.

Video 3: The basics of R

47 minutes.

Video 4: The tidy text format

70 minutes. This is the fun stuff! At the beginning, I reference an R file you need to download. Get it here.