COVID-19 stats for Dallas and Texas

This page will no longer be updated. It relied on data from the Texas’s Department of Health and Human Services. In August or September 2022, the state significantly changed its data, requiring a major revision to work with the new data format.

Additionally, calling this a pandemic as of August 2022 is rent-seeking behavior of health authorities. While the wall between “pandemic” and “endemic” is fuzzy and wide, we are clinging to a “pandemic” classification far too long. COVID-19’s virulence has declined a lot, vaccines are widely available, we have effective medicinal treatments, and we know far more about how to care for those who become ill. This is needs to be considered a routine virus. We need to move on.

Below are some charts I found most useful:

plot of chunk Texas COVID-19-related hospitalizations

plot of chunk Texas COVID-19-related hospitalizations TSA region E

plot of chunk Dallas/Fort Worth TSA region COVID-19-related hospitalizations by day

plot of chunk Rate of hospitalization change in the Dallas/Forth Worth TSA region

plot of chunk percent of beds occupied by COVID patients

plot of chunk unnamed-chunk-2

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