Return to Innocence does not feature an American Indian

noac_1994_patchThis may surprise attendees of the 1994 National Order of the Arrow Conference (NOAC).

Order of the Arrow is an honor society of Boy Scouts that uses American Indian imagery.  The 1994 NOAC conference’s closing ceremony prominently featured then-popular Return to Innocence by Enigma in an Indian-themed ceremony.

Only problem is that’s not an Indian voice. It’s an aboriginal Taiwanese chant.

So now you know. The NOAC planners are probably blushing.

Here’s the song:

Google Street View Says I’m Republican

…and it’s right!

New imagery of my front yard, probably from October 2008:
Those are all Republicans.

Google also knows my across-the-street neighbors’ opinions about my signs. Look where they faced their signs. (Hint: Google camera’s straight-on view means they’re not facing drivers!)
1015erin 1023erin
Silly liberals!

See the whole scene for yourself. Pan around to see my neighbors.