Geolocating a phony satanic murder mansion in Georgia

The story: A well known, politically connected, wealthy resident’s kid killed a sibling. Add vague Satanism allegations, and you have an intriguing story about an abandoned mansion.

It’s all phony. As usual. No surprise: phony is how “explorers” dress up videos of dilapidated, clutter-filled buildings.

Here’s a video from Jeremy Abbott:

His friend Carter Banks also visited:

So did Maureno Wellens and Remon Vogelaar of Explomo, whose video gave me some crucial clues:

In Explomo’s video, at 4:25 is the sign of a store:

4:29 gives more info:

Hmm, C&P Stop and Shop? A Google search turns that up, near Milledgeville, GA:

Then starting at 5:26, we get more clues, such as that turning off a two-lane, shoulder-less rural road, you end up on an unpaved road that runs along a utility corridor. And the corridor is fingerprinted by two types of electrical transmission lines:

The left arrow points to a double-pole setup, and the right arrow points to a single-pole setup.

Another view at 6:55, facing the opposite direction:

Fantastic. Since C&P is on the southwest side of Milledgeville, I focused on utility clearances fanning out from there. After examining many, I finally found a corridor resembling the fingerprint near Gordon:

Now let me pause. These clues reinforce a clue from Jeremy’s video, which I came across first. I noticed this at 18:52:

See “Sam Glassman” in the headline? He was employed by a Macon, GA newspaper. Milledgeville and Gordon are near Macon, so these clues are complementary.

Back to the Explomo video, it shows them walking through a vegetated area for a while before reaching the house. This suggests the house may not be adjacent to the utility clearance. (It also shows them in a swampy area, too, but that is a red herring: the swampy area is well beyond the house.)

A fourth (!) video of this house by RangerRick gives another crucial clue. First, the video:

The clue comes at 1:06, an aerial shot of the home:

This tells me the house is surrounded by woods.

After searching on Google Maps, I finally found the house’s fingerprint:

Through that, I was able to check property records and more precisely check news accounts. There are again no news accounts of a satanic fratricide in a wealthy politician’s family near Gordon, GA.

After digging into property records more, it appears that the story is pedestrian: The resident simply abandoned a huge, old home with obsolete infrastructure, moving into a modern house in Gordon. That resident is now deceased, and a descendant owns the home.

Where this this phony murder story come from? A pattern with these actors is they create a phony story around something they see as they tour the abandoned structure. For this story, the phony satanic narrative is some crosses. They show at 30:47 in Jeremy’s video:

The “voodoo doll” at 31:22 contributes:

But back to the cross. If it has any meaning, beyond some geometric shape in a decoration, it’s probably just a Cross of Saint Peter, a mainstream Christian symbol!

You’ve been tricked. All you’re seeing is a rotting structure with furniture and knick knacks a family didn’t value.

Want this satanic murder mansion? It’s for sale!