Bye, bye

[CORRECTION: I lost no prepaid domain registration time. Dreamhost’s domain transfer requires purchase of a 1 year additional registration on top of existing registration. Existing registration time is retained.] lost my business.

Yesterday, that web host screwed up my hosting package, causing a multi-hour email and web outage.

Being sick of 1and1’s routine incompetence, I already plotted my escape. I changed settings so my domains would no longer auto-renew. I probably had $30-$35 of prepaid domain registration time left with the 6 domains I am keeping, so I figured I would keep them registered at 1and1 and transfer later.

Instead, 1and1 screwed up all my DNS settings and initiated a total package cancellation, causing a major service outage.

This was the last straw, so I expedited my move to Dreamhost.

I am almost running again. Let me know if you got any bounces on emails sent to me.

Even though Dreamhost has a mixed reputation, it can’t be worse than Some of my web apps run noticably more quickly. And their support staff responded with a coherent answer. Wow!