Junk Food Junkie

I am such a junk food junkie.

I eat donuts at work about once a week when someone brings them. I eat pastries at Sunday school. I bought some soft drinks to help keep me awake during my summer class, but I’ve already drunk one at the desk. I have a stash of honey roasted salted peanuts because I get hungry in the late afternoon. Etc. Etc.

Maybe this is OK because there is almost no junk food at my house. Last night I was hungry towards 10:00 PM, and the only convenient thing to eat was Frosted Mini Spooners (a very good and inexpensive Malt-O-Meal knockoff of Kellogg’s Bite Sized Frosted Mini Wheats).

Oh, well. I think I am about 15 pounds below my high school weight, so it’s all good?

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