I Hate Gambling

On Wednesday I stayed at the Isle of Capri Casino in Bossier City, LA on the way back from a trip. The nickle and quarter slot machines cleaned my wife and I out of $30 within 45 minutes. That would translate to $40 a hour, very expensive for such lousy entertainment!

Sheesh! The other two times I have gambled were in August 2001 at Cripple Creek, CO and December 2001 at Vicksburg, MS.

At Cripple Creek I let myself get caught up in the gambling mindset. As I fed each slot I thought of the neat things I could buy with winnings: a video camera, down payment on a house, etc. Whatever! Stepping back I saw what a crock the whole thing is.

Now I hate gambling. I can’t stand to see my hard-earned money disappear down the drain, even though my lifetime gambling losses add up to about $70. I know that the odds are stacked way against me. Even the games that have a modicum of skill, such as solitaire or blackjack, are still mostly chance.

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