Sometimes I get sick of NPR

I really like National Public Radio. It’s the only way to get commercial-free, substantial news on the entire FM band. I am a member of my local affiliate, KERA 90.1 FM.

But sometimes I get sick of NPR. I appreciate the value of understanding opposing arguments. I really like the Tavis Smiley Show. However, sometimes I get fed up with left-leaning fringe groups that get a disproportionate amount of air time on this network. I am often displeased with how Diane Rehm blatantly panders to her liberal guests. I tire of the fringe environmentalists who only talk about the most extreme environmental predictions. It often seems that NPR’s version of balanced coverage are occasional conservative footnotes to a litany of left-oriented news.


Despite this, I believe that NPR’s core news product is generally balanced. I really like Car Talk. And I need to understand the opposing sides to my views. So I guess I’ll keep listening.

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