Bad Kitty

Meet Amelia:

Amelia is an 8½ year old Himalayan cat.

Amelia is a very bad kitty.

About three months ago, Amelia no longer wanted to use her litter box. So she has taken to pooping and sometimes peeing everywhere but the litter box: Alec’s bedroom, the mat in front of the box, the rug in front of the garage door, and other random places. (I’m sure I’ve missed some places because Sugar thinks cat poop is a treat.)

I’ve tried several of the tricks in the book to get her to back into her litter box. I’ve ensured that the litter is usually no more than a week old. I’ve used the fine, scoop-able litter. I’ve removed the litter box cover. I’ve watched her diet.

I have only had limited success. She still poops outside the box more than she poops inside the box, but at least she poops within eye shot of the box.

I now don’t know what to do with her. I have never seriously considered getting rid of a pet, but the thought crossed my mind today as my stockinged foot mushed into a pile of gooey poop on the back door mat. (She pooped on that mat so much that I just tossed it. It was just a cut up section of carpet.)

Stupid, idiot cat! I wish you could train or restrain them like dogs.

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