That’s Not Transmission Fluid!

As we were walking across the parking lot to church this Sunday, I saw a pool of red fluid on the ground. At first glance I thought it was automatic transmission fluid. It was wet and decently fresh. On closer inspection, I saw that it was too thin to be ATF, and it was blackening in the center, as if it was changing color. It sort of looked like a pool of blood. I didn’t see any other signs of an altercation, so I didn’t suspect anything.

After church, walking back to our car, the pool looked the same. About 1 foot wide, mostly circular, red, with blackening in the center.

Fast forward to Monday. As I was driving home, I heard the local NPR affiliate talk about a guy who was beaten to death in a downtown Dallas parking lot. Was this the pool of blood?

Tonight I get the full scoop: that was it. It turns out a recent high school graduate came to Dallas from Natchez, MS and was beaten to death in an unprovoked fight in downtown Dallas.


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