Ditching my Nova SS email handle

If you have received emails from my private email account since 1995, the email probably showed my name as “Nova SS.” I adopted that name my freshman year at SMU because I had so closely identified myself with my (now-departed) ’74 Chevrolet Nova. Yes, that was a “Nova,” not a “Nova SS” as in Nova Super Sport. I chose “Nova SS” because that most clearly associated me with the gas guzzling, PITA, but strangely enjoyable car.

My emails should now come across as just “Aren Cambre.” I am doing this mainly because “Aren Cambre” is less likely to resemble spam than “Nova SS.” Also, people less familiar with my Nova obsession–which is an increasing number since the car has been gone for over 19 months–may not immediately recognize that Nova SS is really me.

Don’t worry: I still like Novas, and if the right Nova at the right price shows up locally, it will end up in my garage. This is merely a logistical change.

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