Alec’s first injury

Today my son has his first real injury. Earlier today, my wife heard a bang followed by screaming. She ran and found a hysterical Alec with a bloody tooth.

It appears Alec ran into or fell on something and bumped a tooth. If you look carefully in the picture below, you can see that the right incisor is pushed back a little from the left one. (Remember that his right tooth shows up on the left in this picture.)

I called our dentist, and he said that unless Alec is severely injured or having trouble closing his mouth–and neither are the case–then the tooth will most likely be fine and should migrate back to its proper position.

Well after Alec fell asleep, I tried to see if I could gently move the tooth back to its proper position without making things worse. It felt well secured to the gum, but I couldn’t get it to just “snap back” using gentle pressure, so I wasn’t able to move it.

I’m gonna leave it and see what happens.

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