Bad exercise schedule

My exercise routine sucked this year. My Adonis complex is getting really hungry.

After a week of off time around Christmas (the entire campus closes down), I had a February disaster: in six weeks, I got a terrible stomach virus (first time I had ever been stuck on the bathroom floor), a bad cold, and 3 minor colds.

I resumed workouts in mid-March. I got a whopping 4 workouts done before I pulled a muscle in my back by allowing my body to flop too low on a dip machine. (Did you know that a “muscle pull” is actually a small rip in a muscle?)

I gave it just over a week to heal, went back to the gym, and pulled the same muscle!

I took two and a half weeks off that time, which lead me up to a trip to out of town.

May was pretty good. I started over with 30-40 fewer pounds per exercise to build myself back up.

June was a total bust. Two major trips, too many after hours commitments, and a mild stomach virus stole my schedule.

Tomorrow is July 3. I will finally work out, but it will be the first time in 30 days.

I don’t see any major upcoming commitments, so hopefully I am starting another long run of workouts, like last fall.

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