Welcome to my new blog

Ladies and germs, I am now on WordPress.

I tired of DasBlog‘s slow updates, poor features, and futziness. It got old.

This is a major change for a Microsoft fanboy like me. WordPress is totally non-Microsoft: runs on PHP, uses mySQL, and works best on Linux systems. Argh. Now I’ll have to figure out PHP. phpMyAdmin rocks. Linux still sucks, but since this is hosted, I don’t have to administer Linux directly.

I tried finding other reliable, mainstream, Microsoft-centric blog systems. The only realistic alternative is Community Server, and it’s way too complicated for a single blog.

We’ll see how this goes. I am still experimenting, so please be patient.

I was able to get most my old posts into this system. It’s way too much work to get the comments over here, so those will have to be lost.

I am not sold on this theme. Email me if you have any better ideas.

9 thoughts on “Welcome to my new blog”

  1. I guess I’ll have to re-comment all of the comments I ever had in your old blog. Basically, it goes a little something like this:


    -You are such a nerd.
    -I’m telling!
    -Jesus loves you too.
    -Rush Limbaugh called–he wants his opinions back.

  2. you are an idiot buddy. Linux is the backbone of so many things you wouldn’t have a clue about like GOOGLE and nearly every net backbone pc you traverse through in your daily search for pr0n. And since its hosted means you dont have to admin it? wtf are you smoking? hosted just means that you have an actual server usually shared or dedicated and you can use this to ftp your html files or php scripts blog software etc to it and administer it. Fucking fanboys suck but idiots suck more

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