Amazing office window view

(This entry is dedicated to Pat Gary. Earlier today he whined that I haven’t updated my blog recently enough.)

I’ve worked in the same building for four years. Only recently did I realize an incredible part of the view out my cube window.

Here’s the overall view of the horizon:
The two vertical bars are fake slats in the window to maintain the Collegiate Georgian architecture.

To the left of the right slat is a building with two peaks. Just to the left of that building is Texas Stadium:
This picture is a crop with my camera zoomed in to its full 10X zoom. You can see the stadium’s distinctive roof hole. I figured this out shortly after moving into this building.

Here’s the amazing thing.

Guess what this is?
In the top picture, it’s just to the right of the rectangular building (Bob Hope Theater) left of center of the picture.

That’s downtown Fort Worth, over 30 miles away! Compare that view to Boston Radio’s Ft. Worth skyline picture.

That blew me away. Fort Worth is over 30 miles away!

My coworker looked up the Dallas-Ft. Worth area aerial maps and found that there is a lot of green space in the line of sight between my office and Ft. Worth:

Ft. Worth has 278.7 feet more elevation than Dallas, helping counteract the earth’s curvature.

Some day I’ll bring a higher zoom lens and see what I can get.

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