Inn on the Riverwalk

While in San Antonio on our summer trip, we stayed four nights at the Inn on the Riverwalk, a large home right on the river. It was restored in the early ’90s. They were repainting and experimenting with colors while we were there:

Just to the left of this picture is a tall condo tower that I think was owned by Wyndham?

The place had quirkiness of an old converted house (tiny bathrooms, no A/C vent in the adjoining bedroom that Alec slept in). Those didn’t bother me, but the mediocre overall attention to detail–peeling paint in bathroom, deadbolt that didn’t latch unless you held the door just right, etc.–wasn’t impressive, albeit these details didn’t functionally detract from the stay.

Here’s the outside of our room:

It was room 11, and it had a nice view of the river.

I don’t know if it was just this place, but the concept of a bed and breakfast is kind of lost on me after this stay. I don’t see what bed and breakfasts offer that decent normal hotels can’t.

The mother of the inn’s owner, who apparently was the night contact and lived across the street in one of their cottages, was accompanied by a wolf dog. This bothered me. Wolf dogs are literally wolf-dog hybrids. These are dangerous animals, and I don’t think they have any place around strangers, especially in places that accommodate children.

The staff was quite friendly.

Considering that “normal” hotels adjacent to any part of the River Walk were more expensive, and considering the 10% (unadvertised) AAA discount, free breakfast, free parking, and location right next to the river (albeit a few blocks from the main part of the Riverwalk), I feel we got a fair deal.

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