The culprit

A bidding contractor found the likely cause:

This is not a drywall fastener. It doesn’t even meet 1951 standards. This is some tiny 1″ nail. It may have had 1/2″ of wood engagement.

About all that was holding up the drywall was paint!

5 thoughts on “The culprit”

  1. You are having the contractors quote replacement of the ceiling sheetrock for the WHOLE house, right?
    It’s not a big stretch to assume that all the sheetrock was installed this way.

  2. I am only having contractors quote on replacing the broken room. That’s probably all the insurance will pay for.

    You’re right that the whole house was probably done this way, but I don’t see any sagging anywhere else. I think it failed in this room mostly because of its sheer size. There was a lot of sheetrock in there!

    I may go through and drive sheetrock screws into the other ceilings as insurance.

  3. Aren you may want to just use a stud finder in the other rooms and shoot drywall screws into the studs and fill the holes. My house had an issue with nails popping out all over the place we just shot screws filled and painted and no more issues.

  4. I was surfing the web for Omega information and found your old website. It’s been years since I shipped you the A/C condensor. I went to SMU’S site, searched for you and ended up on your bolg site. I hope you get this and respond.
    Tom James

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