Ceiling collapse progress

Since last writing about my ceiling collapse, I’ve had a little progress.

I completely cleared out the room:

Looking backwards:

Notice the new joists? The restoration work has started! I signed the contract with the contractor 8 days ago. The carpenters replaced 5 joists that were obviously sagging, but in the process they found that several more joists have sags and that the stiff back is not really installed properly. They are coming back this week to replace the entire stiff back and replace about 8 more joists.

I put all the damaged furniture by the curb last night for heavy trash pickup:

It was all gone the next morning! I feel sorry for the dopes who will deal with the insulation.

I got that picture by setting the camera to ISO 80 and a 16 second exposure. No significant lighting faced the furniture, so I lit it up by waving a flashlight back and forth during the exposure.

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