Ceiling collapse progress

This update is delayed by the flu and a business trip

The carpenters ended up replacing almost all the joists:

You may notice the recessed lighting. We figured that since everything is apart anyway, we might as well get some recessed lights installed.

Here’s a view looking forward:

We got 6 lights total, all of which will be in the den area of this joint den/dining room.

Here’s a detail of one of the lights:

The sheetrock should go up this week.

Since everything is so exposed, I will run some data cables before the sheetrock goes up. My plans are:

  • Two Cat 5e cables that will terminate right by the TV, anticipating future data use around the TV.
  • A Cat 5e terminating around the dining room table on the other side of the room.
  • A Cat 5e terminating near the couch which faces the TV.
  • A Cat 5e cable that terminates outside the front porch and garage outdoors, both for possible PoE-driven security cameras.

The other end of these cables will terminate in a hallway closet.

I will punch the ends of these tables in the den/dining room, but I’ll leave them exposed for now in the closet.

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