Switched to Google Reader

I used to be a regular Bloglines user, but I have switched to Google Reader.

Instead of regularly checking blogs, news sites, or other web sites, I simply register them with Bloglines or Goolge Reader. Either of these services will regularly check web sites I register with them for updates. This simplifies keeping up with my favorite web content.

I switched to Google Reader because after just one use I realized that Bloglines’s new service, http://beta.bloglines.com, is little other than a crude, slow-to-improve copy of Google Reader’s innovation.

One thought on “Switched to Google Reader”

  1. Micah tried to get me set up with Bloglines a long time ago, but at the time, I did not grasp what he was talking about or why you would want to use such a service. By the time I had figured out I needed such a thing, I started using Google Reader having forgot about what he had told me earlier. So far I like it fine.

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