Welcome to Chase Bank

I checked the news on my phone this evening after a several-hours hiatus from all things internet. My phone told me I am now a Chase Bank customer.

The Office of Thrift Supervision, part of the Department of the Treasury, closed down Washington Mutual (WAMU) and sold it off to Chase Bank. As of 10:58 PM CDT, the Washington Mutual home page gives no hint:

An old curse is “may you live in interesting times.”

I am cursed.

One thought on “Welcome to Chase Bank”

  1. Several years ago when I was thinking about buying a condo, Washington Mutual was doing all they could to sell me on one of their “Documentation? We don’t need no stinking documentation!” ARM loans. I told them I was only interested in a 30 year fixed and they kept arguing, “But that’s the most expensive way to buy a house!”

    I am really glad I didn’t buy anything at all back then.

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