Lies about the bailout

Politicians keep lying about the bailout:

Lie Truth
It won’t cost more than $700 billion. When have huge government programs ever cost as much as promised? NEVER! Paulson, et al, have hardly a clue what their bailout will cost, partly because…
The government will pay a fair price for troubled debts. Nobody knows how to price these troubled debts. That means means that “we the people” will get soaked.
The government could make a profit. Think about it: if loans will be profitable and that the companies can cover any losses, then why are we even buying these loans? That’s a sound market environment!
Financial firms will repay the government for any losses.

Only one thing is certain about this bailout: the taxpayers will be screwed.

The economy may have to take a bitter pill. Don’t let the government screw it up worse!

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  1. Did you catch “This American Life” on NPR this weekend? It offered an interesting discussion of the current financial situation and how the mortgage crisis is just one part of a bigger mess.

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