6 door Ford F-250 work truck

(EDIT: Answer is here.)

I saw this at work:

6 dor work truck
6 door work truck

That’s a 6 door Ford F-250! It’s otherwise a plain jane work truck.

It has to be modified, but I couldn’t find any coachbuilder marques. The closest was the dealer:

6 door work truck's dealer, England Ford in Hinton, OK
6 door work truck’s dealer, England Ford in Hinton, OK

Who makes this? What is it?

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  1. Common man… you cant be that naive to think that someone could possible modify that and it look stock like that. Ford makes it. I see them all over the place in Charlotte. they are just big ass 6 door work trucks. they make them for large crew transportation. if you look at it close enough you will see that its completely stock. limos, coaches and other stupid unnecessary vehicles like that will show OBVIOUS signs of modifications. Uneven areas on the body panels, silly looking weld marks that on any other car would be deemed unsafe for transportation by the insurance companies.

    1. No, Ford Does not make a 6 door truck. I’ve seen three in person. All trucks from the 1990’s. One forsale in Texas on the side of the road. One driving in Atlanta, and I talked to another guy in Atlanta that was driving one and it was a Centurion Conversion. There is a company in Colorado that specializes in Ford 6 doors. They have about 20 example photo’s of work they’ve done. I’m surprised by the tone of your email, like you are all knowing and anyone that doesn’t possibly see it your way is inferior. For your information, it’s possible to weld body metal and grind it down so you can’t tell it was welded, so it looks like solid and complete metal. I wish Ford would make a 6 door however. Just go to any dealer and order your own 6 door, that would be a dream, but not reality.

    2. check out Tim’s custom autos which is also in Oklahoma and specializes in these exact builds.

  2. These 6 door trucks ARE stock. They are all over the place. They are made to reduce the number of work trucks needed to get workers to one job sight. Ask any ole’ Ford Dealer if they are stock and custom, and they would be happy to let you know it’s stock.

    1. Provide a link to any marketing materials that affirm this. Hint: you won’t find anything but customizers who make these trucks from 4 door crew cabs precisely because Ford doesn’t make them.

  3. I work at the only plant in North America that makes that vehicle. The plant does NOT produce it as seen. The largest you can get is the standard 4-door, crew cab configuration.

  4. The common man can build one because I built mine. Ford does not make this truck I built my own. It is very safe reliable and even pulls a 39 ft trailor. Mine is beautiful and turns more heads than you could imagine. Best of luck PS mine is forsale as I am Building a new one.

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