14 thoughts on “Texaco Star Academic Challenge: Aren on TV!”

  1. Yup. Looks just like ya, Aren.

    I’m tryin to forget my high school daze.

    However, I commend you for yer academic accomplishments..even if you are a geek. :)

  2. Hi Aren,

    What an exciting game! Seventeen years later, I’d forgotten what a terrific job Texaco and KPRC-TV did with that show. Thanks for posting.

    Best regards,

    Chip Beall, Host
    Texaco Star Academic Challenge

  3. It was awesome, but unfortunately, companies aren’t that interested in facilitating academic excellence because it’s not “sexy”.

  4. This is from the 1994-1995 school year. I was on the team that defeated Alvin in the next round. BTW, Clear Brook High School was the most dominant quizbowl team in Houston in the early 1990s. They won the local championship when I was in the 8th grade (KPRC broadcast the games on Saturday mornings) and lost the finals the next year, so expressing “surprise” at Clear Brook making the TV rounds two years later seems a bit odd to me.

  5. Just wanted to say thank you for posting this video! I googled “texaco star challenge 1995” and was pleasantly surprised to find this video as the first search result. My wife and 10-yr-old enjoyed watching a much younger version of me on an actual TV show.

  6. Aren, in this clip – Kevin from Alvin is the only person I didn’t know well. Actually, I knew the other Alvin players better than I knew the Clear Brook players, oddly enough.

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