time for a better Texas Republican Platform

With this blog entry, I am publicly unveiling, a movement to reform the Texas Republican Platform.

The 2008 platform is a farce. After removing problem planks, the platform shrinks 70%. That’s a lot of cruft!

Some of the worst planks:

  1. Theories of Origin, which calls for replacing science with religious theory.
  2. Support of Our Armed Forces, an unfocused grab bag of miscellaneous requests.
  3. Emergency War Powers, which alleges the United States is in some overarching state of emergency.
  4. Elimination of Executive Orders, which have been used since George Washington to conduct business.
  5. Illegal Immigration, which starts with gibberish and prescribes little than punishment and deportation.

I don’t yet know where this movement will go, but it’s started!

One thought on “ time for a better Texas Republican Platform”

  1. You might consider adding voting up or down to each of your revisions. While wholesale revision might be your goal, if you could show strong interest in revising specific planks you might have a better chance of getting them changed. It also allows people to participate / buy-in without having to think of an intelligent comment.

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