USPS quadruple fail

USPS screwed up part of my son’s birthday. My mother sent him an overnight package, but USPS failed four times:

  1. Took 3 days to deliver the overnight package.
  2. Demanded a signature even though my mother marked the “WAIVER OF SIGNATURE” box and signed appropriately.
  3. Claimed to have left a notice (that I needed to pick up the package personally), but in fact declined to do so.
  4. Never re-notified me that the package was waiting. I finally found out because my mother asked me about it. I was able to call the local post office 2 hours before they would have returned it as undeliverable.

Go to and check on package EH45 2451 528U S if you want to see this incompetence for yourself.

I say privatize and de-unionize the USPS and let it sink under its own massive debt. And deregulate first class mail delivery. Of course, Democrats will oppose this because government largesse and union intransigence are their job security.

In case you think I’m being vindictive, de-unionization would be the biggest gift we could give the USPS as it would create a competitive advantage over heavily unionized UPS and FedEx.

3 thoughts on “USPS quadruple fail”

  1. Found my way to your blog looking for help w/the gas lamp in front of our new house in Lewisville ~ thought your info was helpful and now I may not hire a plumber to blow out our gas line afterall, if they cost $15 a month to run ~ and as difficult as lighting it seems to be (hence the air or h20 in line), I’m not sure lighting it is a good plan!

    Then I began looking around your blog ~ curiosity I guess :) totally enjoyed the article about St. Augustine grass ~ we had our entire backyard replaced w/St. Augustine a month ago & so far even at 110 degrees outside heat index, it’s living ~ now do I worry about the disease, hopefully that concern won’t drive me batty :)

    I also learned from you I am watering at all the wrong times ~ didn’t know about the Ordinance, just moved here from Indiana a month ago & never read that on my water application ~ ty for sharing that info!~

    Then, I looked thru your landscaping project :) It was like watching Landscapers Challenge on TV :) What a beautiful outcome though after all that your project entailed :D Very nice job on cleaning up everything, your plantings are beautiful ~ I love how you cleaned up the front of the house so the house appears bigger & not hidden (though shade in TX is a good thing I’m learning)! If you can share a discount on mulch, please lets discuss that further! Our entire front yard is dirt and sparse areas of St. Augustine that the previous college boys in the house failed to ever water :(

    Well, ty for sharing thoughts! I found your blog very informative & enjoyable!!
    Blessings to you,

    Deonna Bishopp

    1. Thank you! Just a note–I live in Dallas and was talking about Dallas’s ordinance. Lewisville may have different rules.

      Good discount on mulch: just call local arborists and ask if they’ll dump their next load of shredded trees into your driveway. Some will do it for free.

      As for the St. Augustine, water it well and it will take back over the yard.

  2. Dear Aren,
    I will have to find out about the watering rules here in Lewisville :D Wouldn’t want to get a ticket!

    Great idea on calling around for free tree mulch. I know in Indiana the City I lived in had such a service and did indeed bring me a truck full and dropped in the driveway! Isn’t it amazing how many trips w/the wheelbarrell it takes to move all that mulch to get the car out of the driveway! I remember thinking it was the never ending mulch pile!!!

    Looking forward to your blog!


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