Remember Sesame Place in Irving?

I do. I went there once or twice, probably when visiting my grandmother in Dallas.

Google searches reveal:

  • It was in Irving near TX-183 and Esters Rd.
  • It was only open 1982-1984.
  • Where it used to be, now there’s a Wal Mart and cinema:

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Here’s a video by the Oak Ridge Boys, “Thank God for Kids”, that was filmed there. I don’t remember much except the clear things at the beginning, the plastic ball play areas, and that it was mostly indoors.

5 thoughts on “Remember Sesame Place in Irving?”

  1. I went there once or twice myself. The thing I remember the most was that they had a green-screen demonstration thing where you could “fly” by being on a green box. I think you could buy pictures from it, but I’m not sure.

    I had always wondered what happened to it. I wasn’t living in Texas in 1982-1984, but my grandparents were. We must have gone there when I was visiting one summer.

  2. The clear crystalline structure near the entrance was like a giant molecular model with clear plexiglas walls, and we crawled around inside it. Pretty cool, as far as crawly structures go.

    There was a room with green phosphorescent walls and a strobe light in the center. Every ten seconds the strobe light flashed, causing everyone in the room to cast shadows on the walls. The shadows remained on the walls for about ten seconds, like a freeze-frame photograph. Neat stuff.

    There were two lonnnnnng straight yellow slides that were kept damp, but not wet, and so they were really fast.

    There was a red fence maze, open along the bottoms in case you got lost and needed to cheat.

    There was a video arcade, and the game I remember was a fire-truck driving game. You had to drive your truck to a fire, and a second player could join and control the rear of the truck.

    That one trip we took there, age 8, is among my top ten most pleasant childhood memories. Nothing bad happened, my mother didn’t strike up any drama, my Dad wasn’t coerced into coming along, it was all good. :)

  3. WOW! I didn’t think anyone remembered Sesame Place! I took my daughter, who is now the ripe old age of 33 there in 1982. I still have a ‘token’ with Big Bird on it.
    Just sharing……………………………

  4. I remember going there too! We went quite a few times as a family since we lived in Irving. Our school took us there for a field trip. In fifth grade, I remember we competed in a volleyball tournament against all the other Irving elementary schools. We didn’t win but jumping on the air mats with the net stretched across was amazing. The ball pit, slides, tunnels and everyone playing together without an argument proved to be magical!

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