Samsung S7’s firmware-version eFuses

Recently, I discovered that with the Samsung S7, you can’t downgrade certain firmware versions.

These are firmware releases for Sprint’s branded Samsung S7, the SM-G930P (P means Sprint). Note the number in the yellow column:

List of Sprint S7 firmware versions (source)

In late November, I was on the QJ3 update (last three digits of firmware). Its number is 5.

I tried to switch to the SM-G930U firmware. That would make my S7 an unlocked phone, which should free it of Sprint-specific customizations.

At the time, the latest Sprint-compatible* SM-G930U firmware was G930UUEU4BQJ5. Note the 4! When I tried to install that, I got an error saying that the version I am trying to install is lower than the fused version. This was the error:


Note that “ABOOT” means the Android bootloader. This is a small, critical piece of software that kicks off everything else when you start the phone. The yellow-highlighted number in the above picture is in fact the bootloader version!

On the S7, Samsung has eFuses that indicate the bootloader version. When enough eFuses are tripped for bootloader version 5, I can’t install bootloader version 4.¬†When an eFuse trips, the circuit permanently changes. I can’t un-set these eFuses.

Samsung’s eFuses became notorious in the custom ROM community a few years ago. Samsung’s Knox security would trip a warranty fuse if you installed unauthorized firmware. You can’t reset the warranty fuse. Warranty fuse-tripped phones work fine, but there are anecdotal reports of Samsung refusing warranty service due to tripped warranty fuses.

This firmware change didn’t trip the Knox warranty fuse. It’s because all US-market Samsung S7 phones are hardware-identical: the only difference between Sprint, AT&T, unlocked, etc. S7s are the software! All Samsung- or carrier-issued firmware types, intended for the US market, are Samsung-authorized on any Samsung S7.

Back to the story: When you install firmware on Android phones, you are installing four pieces of software: the bootloader, modem (handles the cell network communications), Android core software, and carrier- and region-specific Android customizations. It turns out this version lockout doesn’t stop you from installing older modem software. Due to my determination, I managed to install older SM-G930U (unlocked) modem software. I was still on current-version SM-G930P (Sprint-branded) for everything else. Because of that version mismatch, I got security warnings:

Samsung S7 security warning, for when part of your firmware has a version mismatch

The phone still worked fine.

Why didn’t I just get the newer firmware and be done with it? No download site had QJ3 despite it being out for a few weeks!

About a week later, I could download the correct firmware. I installed it, and everything went back to a happy state. I’ve since installed two more over-the-air updates from Sprint with no problems.

*I don’t understand why an “unlocked” phone has carrier-specific variants! Isn’t unlocked supposed to mean “not carrier-specific”? Here are SM-G930U variants (source):

  • Bluegrass Cellular (LRA)
  • Nextech / C-Spire (ACG)
  • Sprint (cdma) (SPR)
  • Tracfone (TFN)
  • USA (TMK)
  • USA (USC)
  • USA (AT&T) (ATT)
  • USA (T-Mobile) (TMB)
  • USA (Verizon) (VZW)
  • Unknown (AIO)
  • Unknown (BST)
  • Unknown (XAA)
  • Unknown (XAS)
  • Virgin Mobile USA (VMU)

6 thoughts on “Samsung S7’s firmware-version eFuses”

  1. I have this same error. My phone is stuck in a “installing update” boot loop. Any chance you know which files I need to get my S7 ~ G930P back in action? I am having a hard time finding them.

    1. I fixed it.
      This article was great, but I think most readers who come across your article will be looking for a fix for the 5 > BINARY 4 error, which you clearly explain. For novices like me who get lost in all the different file names, it really helps to explicitly point to where to get the firmware you need to fix the phone. The fact that this is only affected by the SM-G390P further complicates things for the average user. Users on version 5 bootloader will need to wait until/If a version 5 universal bootloader for the SM-G930U to get unbloated firmware.

      The stock files for the first version of Sprint Version 5 bootloader firmware dated 1-1-18 can be found here:

      Unzip. Only have auto reboot and Re-partition checked as options in Odin.

      Thank you for your write up, it helped.

    2. Dude I used herolite recovery it got me 2 installing update screen it fails showing a yellow triangle then boots to recovery u wipe cache and factory reset and reboot it if it fails try Again I was fused 6 binary 5 error thought I was fully bricked my Z3x pro box even failed me but I must admit the right recovery helps alot.

  2. I have the j727p…..the galaxy j7 perx for boost.
    I have no idea what i did. I tried reinstalling the brk4 8.1 oreo firmware after I noticed from a couple weeks ago I flashed the wrong file for some other j7 model (dont remember which one). when I tired to flash the brk4 file i keep getting aboot fused 5 binary 4. I’ve tried several firmware downloads even several different combination files and everytime its giving me aboot or boot fused different number with different binary numbers. what am I doing wrong HELP ME!!

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