Geolocating Jeremy Abbott’s and Carter Banks’s “explore” of a “gothic castle”

In our next installment is this Carter Banks (BigBankz) video:

His friend Jeremy Abbott (Jeremy Xplores) was with him:

First, how I found it:

This is at 34:50 in Carter’s video, when he views a floorplan of the complex. See Chateau de Segonzac?

There are at least two Chateau de Segonzacs in France. A different one is in western France. The right one is more inland:

First, this is not a castle. It’s a chateau, which is a manor house of nobility or gentry.

Second, it’s not gothic. That’s silly! Gothic architecture is incredibly different.

Third, this is no secret. Right by Segonzac, France, it’s on Rue du Cheateau. In other words, Chateau Street, which is a commonly-enough traveled road that even Google Street View covers it, showing the front entrance to this chateau:

This super duper secret location has its own Wikipedia article.

It appears to have been maintained as of 2008:

Image source.

Jeremy got one thing right: This is just one of many poorly maintained manor houses that litter the French countryside. They reflect an obsolete model of governance repudiated by the French Revolution. They are enormously expensive to keep up, which I touched on in my prior article about a walk-through of another French manor house.

We can put on rose-colored glasses and concoct a dreamy narrative of some fiction-fueled past, but why? This place appears to have little historical significance, instead just reflecting extravagance of a dying model. Let’s face forward. There’s so much life in front of us.

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