Geocoding a “10 people lived in” house

Carter Banks (Bigbankz) recently did a walkthrough of this house, where he claims 10 people lived:

This one was super easy to find.

First, at 0:05, we see that it’s on a maintained road, likely a state highway, with a power clearance next to it, and in the distance a gradual curve:

Next, at 5:05, he drops a huge clue, narrowing down to somewhere by Jeffersonville, Georgia (incidentally, just down from Gordon, where he staged a walkthrough of a phony satanic mansion and more that I haven’t posted yet):

It took little time to locate it:

The house is owned by the estate of Laura Hollingsworth. Her obituary indicates she died in 2001.

Going back in Google Street View historical images, the last clear sign of occupation was 2016, when a truck was in the driveway:

Beyond that, I don’t see a strong case for that ten people lived in this 2460 square foot house. Or if they did, it was likely several decades ago, when Laura’s seven kids were growing up. Her kids are now elderly, so that would have been a very long time ago.

It is most likely that one of Laura’s daughters lived there. Her daughter likely moved out voluntarily, simply leaving behind a 100 year old house that has too much deferred maintenance. This is not uncommon in rural areas with low property values. She left behind things she did not value. Sure, the house has a lot of beds, but they are likely meant for occasional visits, not continual occupation.

This does not appear to be a story of a mysteriously interrupted life. The people moved on and are living their own lives. This is just “stuff” they no longer value. And how do you dress up a walk through of mere stuff? With a phony back story.

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