Replaced P/S pump

I replaced my P/S pump on Saturday, and I painted pointless parts! Yup, I repainted the P/S pump brackets.

Here are the brackets after I wire brushed and cleaned them with brake cleaner:


Painted black:


I had to install it three times before I got everything fit correctly. The first time was aborted because I installed it with a belt wrapped around its back and without torqueing down the pulley to 55 ft/lbs, the second time was aborted when I realized I left out a spacer that goes between the left bracket and the upper bolt.

I figured out an inventive way to remove the pulley from the old pump with a faucet handle remover. It worked like a charm:

On my trip to and from work on Monday, the new pump performed great.

Driving with the windows down

95% of my car’s miles are from commuting to and from work in Dallas traffic. It’s usually a hot and smelly 15 minute drive.

Tonight, after class, the skies were clear, it was a cool 65 degrees, and traffic was light.

I cranked my driver’s side window halfway down. It made the drive nice.

I don’t get to hear my car’s exhaust system nearly enough. The windows and A/C fan block out much of its sound. Tonight I heard how good it really sounds.