Got the Nova home

Today we went to the Dallas Police Department Automobile Impoundment Facility to pick up the Nova.

I had AAA haul it from the facility to the house. Here it is on the wrecker:

The driver was extremely generous and went out of his way to shove the car fully into my garage. Here he is starting the process:

After a lot of jiggling and screwing around, he got it only so far. Something kept catching, and he needed someone to “pilot” the car. So here I am with my “last drive”:

The steering wheel was completely detached, and I can tell it collapsed at least ¼”.

Here it is finally in the garage:

Here is an illustration of how badly everything is tweaked. The back of the distributor (the gray part with the Accel sticker) is normally right against the firewall:

I think it’s about 6 inches forward.

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