Fat Daddy’s Burger House = Worst… Burgers… Ever

After “enjoying” three vomitous meals, I declare that Fat Daddy’s Burger House in Casa Linda Plaza is the second worst burger place in Dallas.

The first two meals were overpriced and disgusting burger and fries. It’s overpriced because you’ll lose $8 per meal without a beverage. It’s disgusting because they overseason everything with a nasty salt/seasoning mixture, and it’s very greasy.

Some people bathe in perfume to mask bad hygiene. Fat Daddy’s seasoning bath masks its sewer-class quality.

The last time I was there, I got the chili and salad. I asked the cashier if the chili was made in house, and she assured me it was.

Damn liar! It was meat-flavored rubbery chunks from a can! Yuck! And the salad was just iceberg lettuce with a little cheese and a few vegetables on top.Highland Park prices imply quality. Fat Daddy’s delivers crap quality.

There’s is one draw: free beer. Seriously. Rumor is they can’t “sell” it because they lost their alcohol license. (Not sure if that’s true.) Since I’m don’t do beer, I’m not impressed.

Other bad burgers:

  • Miami Subs, which used to be in Dallas on the northeast corner of Central Expressway access road and Southwestern. That was the absolute worst, most tasteless rubber burger I have ever had.
  • Aramark‘s Umphrey Lee Cafeteria at SMU. When I was a regular, I enjoyed greasy, drippy, tofu-enhanced burgers. Aramark actually had great burgers at a grill in the bottom of Hughes-Trigg in the mid-’90s. However, in typical fashion, they shut it down because it was too good.

2 thoughts on “Fat Daddy’s Burger House = Worst… Burgers… Ever”

  1. You say: “There’s is one draw…” And “Since I’m don’t do beer…”

    Are you sure you’m don’t do beer?

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