What movie was this?

I remember some movie from the late ’80s or early ’90s that was about a ventriloquist and his dummy. I don’t remember the plot well, but there may have been a conflict between the dummy and the ventriloquist. I recall it being very family safe.

The final scene was the ventriloquist walking off from the performance hall with Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up playing in the background. It may have been a made for TV movie.

What movie was this?

EDIT (1-21-09): The song may have been Together Forever, not Never Gonna Give You Up. Either way, a commenter has the answer: Ron Lucas’s Who’s in Charge Here? from 1983.

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  1. I remember this too!!! I was just looking around to see if I can find it but I haven’t gotten anything closer to what you have written. Did you ever find out??

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