10 years in Scouting

I just completed 10 years as a Boy Scout adult leader. Here’s what the top of my left pocket looks like:
Scout shirt
Left to right, top row: 3 years in Cub Scouts, 7 years in Boy Scouts, 10 years as an adult leader.
Bottom row: Eagle Scout with Gold Palm, Cub Scout God and Family award, and Arrow of Light.

District Commissioner patchI became White Rock District‘s District Commissioner last November. This means I am one of the “Key 3” adult leaders of the district.

Even though it’s called “Key 3”, I operate a staff whose sole mission is to help those “in the trenches” deliver the Promise of Scouting to their youth. This position is about helping my staff be effective in their mission. It’s not about honorifics, and I can’t stand it when people get pompous about their adult leadership positions. Scouting is about the youth, not the adults.

I have made some changes to the Commissioner Staff, but I still have a lot to do. I still need to improve information sharing and recruit more commissioners.

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