Jennifer’s Wood Badge

I don’t normally write much about my wife and child in this blog. I am not sure it’s fair to drag them into the limelight of my vast audience (both of you!).

This is an exception.

In Boy Scouts, the most advanced Council-level training is called Wood Badge. It’s an intensive course spanning 6 days, split over two weekend campouts (early Friday morning through late Sunday) or sometimes offered as a weeklong course. After this, you fulfill a “ticket,” which is five major projects related to Scouting.

My wife recently earned her Wood Badge. This is a rare accomplishment for a young female–our son can’t start Tiger Cubs for four more years. Most female Wood Badgers are mid-lifers.

This is her in the presentation ceremony, between the lady at the podium and the guy in the green shirt:

This is us after the ceremony:

Her Wood Badge award is symbolized by the salmon-colored neckerchief and the beads. You can more clearly see the beads on my shirt, hanging off center to the left (my right) of the buttons.

Congratulations, Jennifer!

Once Alec is old enough to start Tiger Cubs, Jennifer will be among the most trained new Cub Scout leaders!

Alec made me take a picture of his cars while we were at the table:

One thought on “Jennifer’s Wood Badge”

  1. This is awesome, congrat to your wife. And a big hooray for you, to make time and let her do this was a gift of time I am sure she appreciates.

    I am working my tickets right now. “back to gilwell happy land”
    queue_t aka Tamara

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