Energy Bill Relief

Remember my A/C blower motor fiasco from a few weeks ago? Frost on the indoor part (evaporator) strongly suggested the outside unit (condenser) ran for days straight. This is the power-gulping part of an A/C system.

I calculated that I burned through $190 of electricity.

I got my electricity bill today. It is $143.39, a very normal August bill!

When you normally run an A/C, the compressor fights against the heat that the evaporator (the indoor part) absorbs from the indoor air. With no indoor fan running, there is no air blowing across the evaporator, no heat being put into the refrigerant, and hence no load on the system. The compressor does the equivalent of freewheeling.

That’s my theory, and I’m sticking to it!

Lesson learned: Aren would be an awful meter reader.

2 thoughts on “Energy Bill Relief”

  1. Don’t celebrate just yet. Do you know for a fact that the meter reading for this bill was taken after your incident? The reading probably happened beforehand so you won’t see the real cost until next month’s bill.

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