Thanks for ignoring me, Lupe Valdez

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This post is emblematic of why Lupe Valdez, Dallas County’s Democrat Sheriff (yes, the sheriff–as in the one elected by the entire county), is so criticized for her lack of people skills.

It’s March 15, 2008. The St. Patrick’s day parade had just ended. My family got out of a movie at Northpark Mall AMC and got stuck in the traffic.

As we were slowing to a stop, I noticed democrat Sheriff Lupe Valdez in the back of a Sheriff’s truck, also parked in traffic, right by us. All of us were stuck in a standstill.

After stopping, BANG! A car rear ended us.

Shaken hard, we pull right over. I got out, armed with my camera.

I looked over the roof of my car right at democrat Lupe, who was staring at me, and incredulously shouted, “Did you see what just happened?” Democrat Lupe only kept her stare.

I know the she heard me. I could hear the voices from her truck. (Note for democrat sheriffs: when someone yells at you while standing near a parked vehicle where vehicles aren’t supposed to park, that means something is up. Investigate.)

I know she heard the crash. She was maybe 25 feet away? (Note for democrat sheriffs: a loud bang could mean a crash just happened.)

I know she saw two cars pulled over on a congested road, with both drivers getting out. (Note for democrat sheriffs: Red flag! Cars pulling over and drivers getting out after a crash sound could mean a crash just happened!)

I know she could see something moving in the back seat if she wanted to. (Note for democrat sheriffs: Bells should be going off in your head! The movement in a child seat means a child is on board this just-crashed vehicle!)

I know she could see we were in busy traffic. (Note to democrat sheriffs: it’s not safe for motorists to stand on the driver’s side of of a car when moving traffic is zipping by!)

Democrat Lupe did nothing. No asking me to repeat my question. No sign of concern. No stopping the truck and helping with the scene. Nothing.

No need for our democrat sheriff to bother with regular peons!

About 1 minute later (time estimated from photograph timestamps), noticing the democrat sheriff was still busy doing nothing, I snapped this picture:

The democrat sheriff didn’t get far because traffic was backed up. (Full size original picture. If you check the EXIF data, note that I hadn’t yet “sprung forward” my camera’s clock, so it was reading CST/GMT-6.)

Close up of our democrat sheriff’s unconcerned, sun squinting smirk:

Here’s my car:

Fortunately, my car’s main damage was two pockmarks on the rear bumper. Nothing got shifted around, no seams were any different. Even the styrofoam under the bumper was uncracked, looking as good as new from the bottom. We’re not fixing anything; eliminating the dimples is more hassle than it’s worth.

Here’s the car that hit us:

I think I spooked that lady by whipping out my camera and taking pictures so quickly. She was very cooperative.

What a great performance by our democrat sheriff! Thanks, Lupe!

9 thoughts on “Thanks for ignoring me, Lupe Valdez”

  1. I just want to clarify that a small traffic incident that resulted in no injuries and very minor automobile damage should never be expected to deserve the attention of the County’s top law enforcement official. Yes, she was stuck in traffic, and probably not moving fast, but I can bet you she was on her way to an official function that required her presence. Calling her names does not erase the fact that she is in charge of the county jail and the largest county department. Her duties do not entail stopping for every jerk that wants to get belligerent and call her an “idiot.” I wonder how many other tank commanders in the first Gulf War, how many federal agents, and how many Sheriff’s of counties as large as Dallas are idiots?

  2. I am glad to know that sworn peace officers are utterly relieved from their duty to respond to all situations that arise in their presence–if they are an important Democrat. Maybe someday I can be in elected office so I won’t ever have to do real work again! That’s how it works, right?

    Good thing Lupe didn’t have to dirty up that uniform! And her reputation of being opaque and non-communicative? Eh, can’t hold that against her!

  3. I’m no fan of Lupe, but give me a break! You describe a “loud bang” but yet there is absolutely no visible damage in your picture to either your car or the other?? Oh, and here’s a hint: When you get rear ended and there is damage (of course nothing obvious in your pictures) then you don’t need a witness to say what happened. I think the insurance adjuster(s), and anyone with common sense for that matter, can look at the damage to both vehicles and figure out what happened. The only times a witness will help is right of way disputes, traffic light disputes and when speed is a factor.

    Maybe the radio was on and the bang wasn’t as loud as you say it was and all she saw was some guy yelling at her. Either way, if the police were to work every minor accident where the cars are still driveable and there are no injuries, we wouldn’t have any cops left to handle calls!

    And your childish attacks and banter tell a story about you. Again, I don’t approve of Sheriff Valdez’ leadership of the department but I don’t have to resort to childish name calling to express that point of view.

  4. Alex:

    To clarify some things:

    1. There was no loud radio in the truck. We could hear normal tone voices from it.
    2. Lupe was looking right at me when I exited the car.
    3. The bang was loud. I think our car leapt forward enough to dissipate serious damage. The impact was still significant. My head felt shaken up for a few hours after the crash. It hit the headrest pretty hard.
    4. Lupe was right there, witnessing the wreck! Sure, I wouldn’t call a cop out for that wreck, but I expect cops who are in public, in uniform, and who witnesses a wreck to respond unless they’re on to something more important. Sorry, sitting in the back of a parade truck stuck in traffic is not more important than checking on a crash that happened under your nose.
    5. A few class C misdemeanors were committed by the offending driver. I guarantee you, one of Lupe’s deputies behind a radar gun on Dallas’s freeways won’t hesitate to pull over a speeder. But when Lupe witnesses an actual crash, the very thing her traffic deputies are purportedly trying to prevent, she does nothing besides a blank stare!

    Sorry, but even someone of Lupe’s limited law enforcement proficiency (i.e., failing a peace officer certification test that the Dallas Observer suggests is so easy that “even deputy constables routinely pass” it) should have noticed something’s up. There were too many patently obvious signs a crash had occurred.

  5. I don’t know, but it looks like a child, possibly under 18 yo, is sitting in the bed of the truck next to the Sheriff.
    If the parade was over, there should be no reason the child still be in the bed.

    Texas Transportation code

    ยง 545.414[0]. RIDING IN OPEN BEDS; OFFENSE. (a) A person commits an offense if the person operates an open-bed pickup truck or an open flatbed truck or draws an open flatbed trailer when a child younger than 18 years of age is occupying the bed of the truck or trailer.

  6. Ever bang two garbage can lids together ‘another’ Alex?
    Was it loud?
    Thought so.
    Where the lids significantly, if at all, bent out of shape?
    Don’t suspect so.

  7. You are not allowed to call what happened to you, a “wreck”. No damage to you or your car. Yes, she is an idiot. Yes, you are an overdramatic drama-queen idiot as well.

  8. Only a total narcissist such as yourself would claim that this very minor incident required any police attention at all. And that’s “De-mo-crat-ic,” with four syllabes, not “Democrat,” as the standard childish parlance of Republican talking points would have it. Or do you simply not know the difference between a noun and an adjective?

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