Bad kitty news

Looks like this will be a kitty-free household soon.

We took the newer cat, Olivia, back to the SPCA on Saturday. I had been putting this off, but it was inevitable. She is simply not compatible with small kids. Her extreme skittishness caused her to hide almost all the time, so I was unable to even try training her not to scratch furniture.

I don’t know what happened. When she was little, she would sleep on me. Something changed in her head as she emerged from kittenhood.

We tried placing her with others in our area, but none were interested.

She was an SPCA adoption, so the return was free. (Normally there is a $50 surrender charge.)

Ameila, the older cat with fatty liver syndrome, has taken a turn for the worse. About a week after the hospitalization, the remainder of her skin started yellowing. Now even her eyes are yellowing.

The 2 week follow up vet visit was on Saturday, and the vet said she’s doing so poorly that he didn’t strongly recommend more treatment.

Part of me that wonders if Amelia is still treatable; I found an academic report that described “terminal” cats with hepatic lipidosis coming from the brink with feeding tubes, but my realistic side says the writing is on the wall. I am unwilling to spend more hundreds of dollars on a 12 year old cat who has never been particularly robust. And as much as I am upset at her upcoming death, I am not one of those “furkid” types. I guess it’s just time.

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